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Experience the Arabian jewel from “a Thousand and One Nights”, with dreamlike landscapes and time honored traditions charmingly interwoven with a contemporary lifestyle. Shaped by desert and ocean, the Sultanate has many natural and cultural treasures to discover. Just a step away from the well cared for modern city streets, the tantalizing smell of incense will lead you into an exotic world of color and bustling sound little changed in hundreds of years; where market stall vendors renowned for their friendliness and hospitality sell handcrafts and artworks.

Made in Oman

Discovering the visible and hidden treasures in Oman has never been easier. The map is officially approved by Oman’s National Survey Authority and has been developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. The content of the map has been selected by some of Oman's most experienced tour guides and tourism professionals. Whether if you are on a guided tour or exploring individually - The Map is your reliable companion.

Map view

Get an imagination of the beauty of Oman Tourist Map from these views.

Front page

Front page view of the entire map

Front page detailed

Selected detailed view of the front page

Back side

Back side of the entire map

Back side detailed

Selected detailed view of the back side

Oman Tourist Map

Buy the most reliable and comprehensive tourist map, featuring the unique culture and nature of the Sultanate of Oman.

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Interesting facts about the Oman Tourist Map.

345Tourist Attractions
6478KM GPS-truth road data
2016Published this year
500Happy customers

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The multi-faceted region around Oman's capital Muscat is depicted in a panorama for the first time in a hand-painted map.

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